Police officers are investigating the mysterious disappearance of two military vehicles at the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) camp based in Nanyuki, Laikipia County. 

According to detectives privy to the matter, the discovery of the missing army vehicles was made during an impromptu audit of the vehicles at the camp. Police are trying to unravel how the vehicles could mysteriously vanish within the highly protected Nanyuki base.

Batuk spokesperson Daniel Johnson affirmed that they are working alongside with detectives based in Laikipia County in order to retrieve the vehicles. 

An undated photo of a signpost showing the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) located in Nanyuki

A photo of a signpost showing the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) located in Nanyuki.FACEBOOKBRITISH ARMY

“The theft of the two vehicles from the Batuk is under investigation,” Johnson spoke to the media.

Officers dressed in plain clothes were also dispatched to various garages within the town in search of the missing army vehicles. The officers targeted mechanics who specialized in panel beating. 

A senior security official in Laikipia County issued a warning to the perpetrators of an impending arrest if caught with the vehicles/ property belonging to the British army camp.

BATUK is part of the United Kingdom (UK)-Kenya military training pact that allows its soldiers to train in Kenya. The harsh conditions in Nanyuki provide a favourable training environment for the troops. 

The UK invests Ksh1.16 billion annually under the deal made with the Kenyan government. Further, over 1,100 Kenyan soldiers benefit as they are trained by the British in preparation for deployment to Somalia.