Jalango Side Hustles: Chicken farming is not for the faint of heart. This is the bitter truth that radio presenter Jalang’o found out.

Jalang’o had ventured out in the chicken farming business alongside his friends. His idea was to ride on the wave of chicken farming and have a side hustle that could bring in extra income.

However, Jalang’o and his partners ventured into chicken farming without any knowledge or information on how the business worked. This set them up for failure.

Their problems were compounded by cunning workers in their circle who embezzled funds set aside for chicken feeds.

It appears that it is after this failure that Jalang’o shifted to selling eggs only. “I don’t own chicken, I just buy my eggs directly from farmers -mostly from Lari, Kikuyu, and Limuru, then sell them on to major hotels across Nairobi.

I handle at least 6000-7000 crates of eggs each week,” he told a local media house in February 2020 while he was still working at Milele FM.

“Nairobi residents consume a lot, and I mean a lot of eggs every single day,” he said. At the time, he was supplying about 7,000 eggs to the InterContinental Hotel which has since collapsed.

“The market has moved from the era of selling 10 to 100 crates, you need to scale up in order to enjoy the fruits of your labour,” he said.

The collapse of the InterCon Hotel and the shut down of restaurants in 2020 only served to accelerate their chicken venture’s drive to failure. The presenter, though, has found immense success in other areas, especially in multimedia marketing.

His YouTube channel is currently ranked as one of the highest earning in Kenya. A few months ago, the comedian stated that he earns up to Sh. 4 million per month from his YouTube and Instagram. He is currently planning to vie for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket.

By Bizna Kenya