Kirinyaga woman Representative Wangui Ngirici has broken her silence over the move by Governor Ann Waiguru to join her in UDA ahead of the 2022 gubernatorial contest.

Wangui has described the governor as her follower, who like all the other residents of the county have been looking upon her for political direction where they will have a safe pair of hands after 2022.

The County MP noted that the Governor laid bare her poor leadership skills when she announced that she was listening to the ground for political direction instead of leading from the front and show the people direction.

“For you to lead, you must people following you. So I had followers, I led people to UDA and to follow the Deputy President. Right now everyone one is following me thus I’m the UDA party leader in Kirinyaga,” she said.

Wangui said that she is the one who showed the people of Kirinyaga to DP William Ruto and UDA, and the people listened and followed only for the governor to realize and followed her.

While decamping to UDA party, Governor Waiguru said that she is following the wish of Kirinyaga residents who she said are supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s Party.

However, Wangui has dismissed the claim saying that she Waiguru did not offer leadership to the electorates noting that they had been supporting the Deputy President all along.

“A leader is not led, he or she must lead the people. So even the ones listening to the ‘ground’ are my followers.”

She said that the Governor is still at the reception at UDA adding that she will need her permission to access the sitting room and the bedroom.

“Those ones saying that they have access to UDA’s ‘bedroom’ they should know they have not walked past the main door untill I welcome them to the party,” Wangui noted.

She accused that Goveror of lacking political direction.

“I’m not like my opponents who have been hopping from one political front to the other. I always have had my political stand,” she said.

Wangui promised the governor a bruising battle at the nominations and at the ballot noting that she will go all the way to the ballot and deliver the electorate from the bondage of corruption and poor leadership.

“You cannot build a house only to let someone else walk in and kick you out of it, that cannot happen.”

By People Daily