Price of kidney in Kenya has been on the increase and it now stands at Ksh 3.5 million. How and where to sell the kidney is a dilemma to many.

Over the past 3 months we have sought to find as detailed information as possible on the exact cost of a kidney and specific areas to sell the essential organ. We established that most facilities, especially private ones, buy kidneys in secret. The cost is hidden and purchase process is hectic. We found that 85 % of the market is in Nairobi, where kidney dialysis is conducted.

From our observation, the amount of money you’ll trade with your kidney depends on your negotiating ability. If it happens that the recipient is loaded, you will sell it at Ksh20 million, but if you get a broke recipient, you will pull in less than Ksh 3 million.

How to sell your kidney

There is no specific shop/hospital where they have indicated that they purchase kidney.The best way to sell one is to identify a list of hospitals that treat diabetes and those that conduct kidney dialysis. Approach them in turn and front the idea of selling a kidney.You will be surprised that each of them is willing to purchase your organ. During negotiation, make sure your asking figure is not below Ksh1 million, but they might settle at Ksh850,000

Alternatively, negotiate to sell your kidneys in India,Dubai or Pakistan. To do this, visit doctors at KNH private wing and ask anyone who can connect you to a hospital in India. What you need is just contacts. The hospital will pay air ticket and accommodation. Indian hospitals pay up to Ksh20 million

By Venas News