The government of Kenya through Judicial Service Commission (JSC) (Judiciary) office has announced 563 job openings, ranging from drivers, engineers, clerks, and superintendents.

On the list provided by the JSC indicated the vacant positions, on the top is Senior Law Clerks who will be hired on a three-year contract renewable subject to satisfactory performance. In this position, the qualified candidate will earn a gross salary that will range between Ksh225,000 to Ksh360,000 per month.

JSC is also seeking to hire a Senior Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Officer, who will be hired on a three-year contract receiving a gross salary of between Ksh169,800 and  Ksh227,600 per month.

The government announced that at least 500 candidates who apply for this jobs will get jobs as Court Assistants on a permanent basis with a gross salary ranging between Ksh61,400 and Ksh79,300 per month.

On the same announcement, a total of thirty drivers will be hired. The newly employed drivers will receive a monthly salary of between Ksh61,400 – Ksh79,300.

On the list is a Senior Architect who will earn Ksh169,800 – Ksh227,600 per month. On the same note, a position for a Senior Civil/Structural Engineer has been advertised, with the successful candidate earning a salary of Kshs169,800 – Ksh227,600 monthly.

Senior Mechanical Engineer position is also available where the candidate will earn a gross salary of between Kshs169,800 and Ksh227,600, and a Senior Electrical Engineer earning a monthly gross salary of between Kshs169,800 and Ksh227,600.

JSC also plans to hire four Superintendents of Works earning between Kshs94,400 and Ksh118,900. An open vacancy for a Senior Draughtsman has also been announced, with the holder earning between Ksh83,300 and Ksh106,400 per month.

Interested and qualified candidates can apply through the JSC careers portal.