A campaign poster claiming that Deputy President William Ruto has chosen Martha Karua as his running mate in the 2022 presidential election is FALSE.

Karua is the party leader of the National Rainbow Coalition-Kenya (Narc-Kenya).

The poster, shared on Facebook, contains images of the two politicians. It also has the logo of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), a party linked to Ruto.

The text of the poster reads: “Ruto na Karua, pamoja tusonge mbele (Ruto and Karua, together we move forward)”.

The post accompanying the campaign poster reads: “Hustler Nation decided Karua be deputy president, what is your opinion will They make (sic).”

Ruto has expressed an interest in succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta in the upcoming 2022 presidential election through the UDA party, although he has yet to make a formal move from the Jubilee Party.

However, by the time the campaign poster was shared, Ruto had not yet declared his running mate.

Karua, on the other hand, has not declared her interest to be on the presidential ballot. Speculation is rife that she will be taking a second stab at winning the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat. She vied in 2017 but lost to the incumbent, Anne Waiguru. 

Again, the poster was not shared on any social media platform belonging to any of the two politicians, especially Facebook and Twitter where the DP routinely posts about his political activities.

Additionally, the mainstream media, which is closely following the 2022 election campaigns, would, undoubtedly, have reported an announcement of this nature. It didn’t.

The Star has looked into the poster shared on Facebook claiming that Ruto has chosen Karua as his running mate and finds it to be FALSE.

By The Star