The teachers form the bulk of the government employees. There are 340,000 teachers in the TSC register and thousands more who are yet to be employed by TSC.The commission has been employing teachers on condition that Treasury avail the funds for the exercise.

The teachers are currently agrieved by the fact that they missed out in the much anticipated CBA.In February this year,SRC hinted at paying classroom teachers well having revealed that these teachers had been shortchanged in the previous CBA that ended in July.

The teachers are at crossroads after TSC sending them back to trainings for the refresher courses in the TPD Modules.The banks and saccos are now likely to stop giving teachers loans that go beyond 5 years in the coming days.

The teachers will be required to sign a contract after every five years. TSC has clearly indicated that any teacher who will fail in the modules will leave the profession.The banks will definitely doubt whether a teacher will be able to succeed in the next contract or not.

This now means that a teacher will only be given a loan according to the actual time remaining before expiry of existing contract up to the signing of the next contract.If this comes to be true,then many teachers will definitely be affected at a time when the loans have been extended to 96 months for them.

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