The National Youth Service of Kenya popularly known as (NYS) is an organisation under the Government of Kenya. To join the National Youth Service, you must be a Kenyan Citizen by birth and be of between 18 and 22 years and above.

train and mentor Kenyan youth through Paramilitary and regimentation, National building programs. Technical and vocational training in various skills and trades.The recruits are required to offer at least 6 months of national service which may include Traffic control or construction.

Enrollment to the service is voluntary for Kenyan youth aged between 18 –22 years old Upon enlistment, the recruits are subjected to rigorous non-combat paramilitary training for 6 months.

It was established in 1964 to train young people in important national matters. In 2019, the organization was transformed from a state department to a fully pledged state corporation after enactment of NYS act by the parliament of Kenya.

Below is the salary scale of NYS Youths. Ksh.18,730 x 670 – 20,740 x 690 – 22,120 x 910 – 23,940 – 920 – 27,620 x 930 – 30,420 p.m.

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