Laikipia Member of Parliament Cate Waruguru has suggested she might soon drop her allegiance to President Uhuru Kenyatta and join the William Ruto-led Team Tanga Tanga following consultations with her voters.

This, she said, has been inspired by the dismal performances Jubilee has been posting in by-elections, the latest loss being in the hotly contested Kiambaa mini poll in which the ruling party lost to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), an undertone that has lately proved to be a force.

Waruguru said the party had lost its grip in the Mt Kenya region, stating the people who initially supposed it had started to walk out, adding that it was too late for it to be redeemed.

“We have a big problem and I don’t think will redeem our party before the referendum and the forthcoming general election in 2022,” she said.

Waruguru claimed the party had become the property of those in boardrooms (and whom she did not mention), those that took part in creating it being sidelined.

She said she was contemplating quitting Jubilee due to the unpleasant run that the party has had lately.

“I am putting the party on notice. If things will not work my people have advised me on what to do,” she said.

Should she make good her threat, Waruguru will be joining her Kiambu counterpart Gathoni Wamuchomba who ditched the Kieleweke team in Jubilee in June to join Tanga Tanga.

On her way out, WaMuchomba said her people in Kiambu had asked her to seek refuge in Ruto’s camp due to events in Jubilee.

Other politicians to have shifted from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s side are Murang’a senator Iirungu Kang’ata and embattled Jubilee nominated senator Isaac Mwaura.

Courtesy TUKO