Caroline Kangogo Investigation: The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is investigating four men who are said to have been involved in the killing of two men who are said to have been murdered by corporal Caroline Kangogo.

This has been revealed even as the DCI hints that Kangogo may not have been romantically involved with the two men she killed as it has been alleged in the media.

The DCI further says that whereas it is possible Kangogo may have pulled the trigger, some senior police officers could have been involved in the deaths, and may be trying to silence her.

According to a report that appeared in the Daily Nation on Tuesday, the four men include Peter Ndwiga, a former police officer who ran a security company that operates in Juja. Ndwiga is said to have been Kangogo’s second victim. He was found murdered in a lodging in Juja.

“There is a group of police officers baying for her blood and there is one that is protecting her and this is why she has not been seen,” the report in the Nation quoted an officer privy to the investigations.

Nakuru County Criminal Investigations Officer Anthony Sunguti was quoted saying that Police Constable John Ogweno may have died in the hands of one or several people.

He was quoted as having added that the killing may have been an inside job, and that police officers may have been involved.

The Nation report quoted the officer as saying:

“What needs to be done now is to protect Cpl Kangogo from her rogue colleagues – some of whom are senior members of the police service – so that once she is arrested, she can give the real account of what happened.

Her house was left open, her phone was found at the scene of PC Ogweno’s murder and a receipt bearing her name was found in Ndwiga’s pockets. A police officer of her calibre would know better than leaving clues all over.

Why also would she use her ATM card to pay for meals and accommodation if she is indeed trying to conceal her whereabouts.”

By Bizna Kenya