Kenyan MP Brags He Never Wears Cheap Clothes And That He Imported A Shirt From Malaysia

What started as a cursory compliment spiraled to a brag that puts elected officials into shame.

One MP during a parliamentary committee complimented his colleague for having a nice outfit and asked where he could get one.

The MP then went onto a tirade of how he never wears cheap stuff and that he bought his shirt from Malaysia.

His colleagues and CS’s who had attended the parliamentary committee were amused by the brag.

This in a way shows how our legislators are out of touch with reality. Two sided individuals who campaign in poetry but govern in prose.

There is no constituency in Kenya that does not suffer challenges of third world countries. There is no town in Kenya that has world class sanitation, housing and other social amenities.

It is likely the MP campaigned on backdrop of that. Once elected, instead of helping his electorate, he terms our local cottage industries as producing cheap things even going to an extent of importing a shirt from Malaysia. Sad.