Never believe everything that you read online, not even this story. Behind the keyboard everyone has power to become anything he wishes.

Some people on Twitter are professors despite never setting foot on an institution of higher learning. Others like Ledama Ole Kina the current Narok Senator roar and back despite never having bitten anyone in their whole life.

When you visit Ledama’s Twitter profile, you will know straight away that he is a Moran. He tweets with zeal and fervor that is so lacking in our parliament of which he is a member. Just like many politicians, he comments about Kenyan affairs online but never raises a voice when it matters.

Let me jog your memory back when BBI was taking shape. No one knew exactly what it was supposed to achieve. We only knew it by its baptismal name – Reggae. Ledama aggressively poked holes onto the initiative but when Raila visited Narok, we saw him running with his creepy Afro to hand over a document which contained Maa grievances. He was not man enough to go against his party leader and this would not be the first time Raila would spank him publicly.

Once Ledama thought he was cunning enough to dupe his party. He went against his own colleagues and got himself elected as CPAIC chair. When Orengo raised objection, Ledama threw tantrums on Twitter. He suggested in not so many words that he might even leave the party. ODM was civil in handling the matter. Instead of engaging in a back and forth online rant, they decided to de-whip him.

Ooh the poor boy cried. Flanked by elders, he was taken to Raila to beg for forgiveness and surrender his post to Prof Sam Ongeri. Another spanking administered.

Ledama gained followers by berating BBI document. He made such a fuss online that we forgot his greatest weakness of becoming dumb when it really matters. People like Kipchumba Murkomen even started fantasizing having him on their camp. The Narok senator promised hell fire if and when BBI gets tabled to the senate.

Up to today no one knows what made Ledama vote Yes. Well, no one knows except Raila. Raila has mastered the art of controlling his erratic senator. He lets him rant online and get some retweets but when it comes to voting, he takes a paddle and points the direction to go.

Ledama might be having dreams of once wearing the shoes of Ole Ntimama. Shouldering the expectations and aspirations of Maa community politically.

If he really wants to do that then he must do what it takes. He must know that Narok residents do not elect him to speak on Twitter but on the floor of the senate. He should also stop living two lives where he does not reflect what he posts on real life.