Pole Sana, Woman Orders Fried Chicken Only To Find Deep Fried Towel In The Mix

What is your worst experience when ordering food from a restaurant? Even in the most fancy hotels sometimes you might disappointed.

You might order mandazi only to find a cockroach that was fried with them. Some people throw fit when such happens.

Even after the chefs have apologized profusely, they demand to speak to the manager and even ask for reimbursement. In this age of New Media, they even go to an extent of giving bad reviews online.

A woman from Philippines was shocked when she found deep fried towel on her food. The woman had ordered fried chicken but as she was devouring it, she found towel on the mix.

We can only wonder how the towel got there. Maybe a sweaty chef was wiping himself and it dropped into the frying pan unnoticed.

Some mistakes are understandable but others beg question on the standards of the hotel in terms of hygiene. Many a times you will find strands of hair on your food because the chef did not cover his/her hair while cooking. Uncovered food also can lead to contamination.

Hoteliers should maintain high standards of hygiene to protect their image and also serve good food.