An unexploded bomb was discovered in Soit Pus area in Samburu Central Sub County on Saturday evening, June 5.

The bomb was discovered by children who were herding goats in the area – approximately one kilometre from their home.

They suspected the rusted device to be an explosive and went home to inform their father who reported the issue to the police.

”My children found it as they were herding goats, they were not sure of what it was but came home to inform me and I went to see,” the children’s father, only identified as Lolkuloo, told the media.

The incident saw a team of police officers led by Samburu Central Deputy County Commander, Abdikadir Malicha, visit the area to investigate the matter.

According to the commander, the team established that the device was an old motor bomb and asked residents to stay away from it after cordoning off the site.

He further stated that they have been several incidences of explosives being discovered.

”We’ve found a metal object which is suspected that it resembles an explosive. 

”We swiftly responded to the scene and we’ve established that it’s an old metal bomb. We have secured it and the process of detonating is being arranged,” Mr. Abdikadir Malicha stated

He further urged the residents to remain vigilant.

The area around Samburu County has in the past been used by foreign and local soldiers for training.

Such explosives devices are often discovered despite pledges by military authorities to thoroughly clean after the trainings are done. 

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