Over the years, tertiary qualification from Colleges and Universities has always been considered the benchmark for landing a lucrative job in the country.

And, for a while members of the public have harboured the notion that well-paying jobs could only emanate from a diploma or degree.

Many Kenyans from across the country have faced a number of challenges in the course of their lives hampering their academic progression. Despite the challenges, some have secured decent jobs with just high school qualification.

Based on sampled advertisements by companies, state agencies and Non-Governemental Organisations (NGOs) Kenyans.co.ke sought to inform Kenyans of lucrative job opportunities they could land with only a high school qualification.

  1. Cabin Crew – The minimum qualification for a cabin crew job is a high school certificate. This is mainly because most airlines across the world offer training, and therefore, require high school qualification and that applicants be aged 21 and above.

Working for airlines is lucrative, with the crew enjoying travel across the world. According to reports, cabin crew members can earn up to Ksh165,000 in Kenya, with the minimum reported at Ksh50,000.

2. Field Interviewers. These are mainly tasked with data research and collection, which is normally in terms of surveys for organisations and state offices.

The job can be offered by both the public sector and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), with applicants only required to have a form four certificate.

3. Customer Service. With just a high school certificate, one can obtain a job at a call centre, contact centre agent, or as a customer service agent.

To excel in the job, one only requires eloquence in English, Swahili, a Form Four certificate and decent computer skills to thrive as a customer service professional.

In this job, one will always be in constant communication with clients, through handling inquiries.

4. Sales Representatives. The minimum requirement for a sales job is a high school certificate with the grade varying from one company to the other. 

This job, however, requires courage and resilience as some may have relatively low salaries, but the commissions could earn you more if you are hardworking and determined. Sales representatives for wholesale, manufacturing companies earn good salaries.

  1. Kenya Defence Forces Officer. Only a high school certificate is required for one to become a KDF officer in Kenya. On January 5, 2021, KDF announced mass recruitment of officers with all categories requiring a valid Form Four certificate.

For instance, KDF stated that applicants for the role of General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets. must hold a minimum mean grade of B (Plain) in KCSE with C+ in English, Mathematics and one Science subject. After which a three-year training will earn them a BSc degree in Military Science and Security Studies upon completion.

Officers in the Defence Forces earn lucrative salaries, enjoying several other benefits as tax cuts.

6. Drivers.  Most driver jobs normally require a high school certificate, coupled up with driving experience. Government parastatals, hospitals and even NGOs often offer good salaries for drivers.

7. Content creators/ Online writers. In recent years, the digital market in Kenya has developed immensely, creating a hub for digital marketers, content creators and online writers to thrive.

A report by Business Daily in 2018 revealed that the online writing business in Kenya had transformed into a multi-billion industry, with one only required to have good research, data collection, writing, and computer skills. Educational writings have dominated the market.

With just a high school certificate, Kenyans are able to write educational content and get paid for it, and some have gone as far as contributing content to online blogs and media websites.

In Kenya, several media personalities have made a living from featuring on TV and radio for their creativity. For some, it started out with creating content for their personal media channels on social media platforms which in turn resulted to landing jobs with media companies.

By Kenyans.co.ke