Kenyans have received a strict warning from the director of health Patrick Amoth who stated that the whole country should get ready for another lockdown as a fourth wave of Covid-19 is around the corner. According to Amoth, the country have developed a system where the positivity rate for the virus increases in a period of three months.

As witnessed from 2020, Kenya recorded higher number of positive cases on 26th June 2020, where there were 960 positive cases and two deaths. On November 27th 2020, Kenyans witnessed the second wave of the virus where 1554 positive cases were reported with 14 deaths. More recent is the third wave which occurred on 26th March, the country recorded 2008 cases and 6 deaths. The director now warned the public of a looming fourth waves which according to the system might be on July.

“If you look at the mortality rate pattern from March 2020 to March 2021, a clear picture is coming out. Our analysis shows us we had a peak in July and after three months we had another in November, “he said. ” The country recorded the highest peak in March 2021 and another is expected in 2 months,” Amoth said.

Kenyans recently had their relief cut short after the cabinet secretary of health announced that the positivity rate has increased. Initially the Covid- 19 positivity rate was reported at between 10% and 16%. However it came all the way to 2. 3% something which showed some progress but unfortunately it’ s now forming an irregular curve from 2. 3% to 7% and now at 8%.

Kenyans are now advised to continue maintaining the rules set aside by World Health Organizations (WHO) which are to wear masks, wash and sanitize your hands regularly and also to maintain social distancing.