Deputy President William Ruto hosted his in-laws at his Karen home on Saturday, May 8, during the engagement party of his daughter June Ruto.

June is believed to be marrying her Nigerian boyfriend. He, alongside his family members, were visiting Ruto’s family for the first time in a ceremony called ‘Koito’.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany is believed to have been leading dowry negotiations for the DP’s daughter.

Deputy President William Ruto during his daughter's engagement party on Saturday, May 8

In the ceremony, the groom’s family, which include uncles, aunts, grandparents, parents and the clan are invited into the room for dowry negotiations and to know each other well.

Afterwards, a formal introduction is done so as to prevent one from getting married to their own family members.

Each clan in the Kalenjin community has a totem animal to represent them, which they call ‘Tiondo’ and a clan name, ‘Oret’.

Once the families are aware of their animals, both proceed to discuss dowry.

Deputy President William Ruto during his daughter's engagement party on Saturday, May 8

In videos seen by a local media invited guests could be seen dancing to traditional songs in the event that was themed white with a touch of gold.

This is after dowry negotiations had already been discussed in a private and both parties came to an agreement.

In November 2020, the DP had urged June to get married and settle down to raise a family. 

Ruto was speaking during the traditional marriage ceremony between Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika and businessman Sam Mburu in Laikipia County.

He  paraded June alongside his staffers Dennis Itumbi and David Nzioka who stood up as he was making his address.

“Now that we have finished with our friends Sam and Susan, there is this young man called Dennis (Itumbi who was in attendance stands up). There is another one known as Nzioka. We also have June (she stood up). They are our next candidates for marriage and they are good people. So we are ready to come back for more suitors here in Laikipia in future,” he said.

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