Fresh details have on Monday 19th April emerged on when Deputy President William Ruto might be resigning from the DP position. Ruto has been decrying of facing challenges in his ruling as the DP since he was allegedly sidelined.

During an interview with Citizen TV on Monday, Kiminini Member of Parliament Hon Chris Wamalwa and who is the Ford Kenya Secretary-General has issued contentious remarks alleging that DP Ruto is likely to resign remaining a few days to the next general election.

According to the Kiminini legislator, he has said that the decision of DP Ruto will take few days before the general election will shock many but will be a strategy to win the 2022 Presidency unopposed.

Wamalwa has claimed that DP Ruto will resign with the motive of gaining sympathy votes from Kenyans and that such a decision will credit him a political mileage.

“Deputy president is likely to resign but at a time where he will gain political mileage & sympathy, maybe months to the election. ODM is not playing oversight role, they have become part of Govt,”the Kiminini Member of Parliament has said.

Soy Member of Parliament Hon Caleb Kositany has however said that he does not see why the DP should quit informing that he would advise him to stay strong until the end because of history.

“I do not think the Deputy president should quit, because of history, it is good for him to hang in there so that we learn lessons of how not to treat Deputy presidents in the future. Votes Pres. Kenyatta got believed in William Ruto as well,” Caleb Kositany has reacted.

The DP is most likely to go with Kositany suggestion as he has revealed that although there are parties pushing him to resign, he will stay strong and play his role as the Deputy Party of the country till the end.

“I have never contradicted the President because of respect I have for him. Even though the work I was supposed to be doing as the Deputy President is being done by others, I have respected the President on that decision because I want the unity of the country”, said the DP at one time during a rally in Narok.

Source: Kenya Today