In the world of today where technology is continuously advancing, online work has taken over the world. People are working towards achieving more subscribers on YouTube, more followers on Instagram and Facebook. Social media platforms have created job opportunities for many and acted as a source of income. Entrepreneurs advertise their products through celebrities who have gathered many followers on their pages, these celebrities can also earn by providing for advertisement platform on their YouTube channels.

As a result, celebrities in Kenya have developed a tendency of engaging in various acts which may increase the number of followers and subscribers on their Instagram and YouTube channels respectively. Celebrities like Ringtone Apoko, Bahati and DJ Mo are the kind of celebrities who will arrange for an event just to help them gain followers no matter how gruesome the event is.

1.Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone Apoko is a gospel musician who have been on the limelight for quite sometime. The musician has always tried to stay relevant by all means. Just recently, the musician was accused of taking advantage of Bridget Achieng. This was after the business woman came out and claimed that Ringtone took advantage of her seven years ago when she needed help from him.

Since the country is now so sensitive about gender based violence issue, this kind of accusation caused an uproar online. However, today 5th April, the gospel musician have decided to ride on the story and faked his own arrest. The musician arranged for his arrest and ensured that pictures were taken for the public to see.

Kenyans actually believed the story and some even started sympathizing with him. Unfortunately, since Kenyans are always DCI of their own, they keenly looked at the photos shared and established that the police officer who was pictured to have arrested Apoko is actually Alex Mathenge a comedian.

It turns out Ringtone only wanted to trend and so he decided to fake his arrest to make the public believe that he was arrested because of Bridget’s accusations. Kenyans felt duped after realizing that it was all an act and some of them even feel like Ringtone is releasing a new song about the arrest.

2. Bahati and Diana Marua

Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are celebrities who have been married for a couple of years and just last year, the duo celebrated their 5th anniversary. Despite being in marriage for all these years, the couple still engage in various online pranks in order to gain followers.

Among other pranks that Bahati and Diana have organised, few months ago, the lovebird arranged a prank which took many by surprise. The couple deleted each other’s pictures on Instagram and claimed that they have broken up. Even when musician Akothee invited Bahati to her eldest daughter’s graduation, Bahati went alone and revealed that he is single and searching.

After fooling Kenyans for almost five days, the duo released a song with the tittle ‘mtaachana tuu’ insinuating to the public that they will never break up. The prank was organized to help the couple increase the new song’s viewership and also attract more followers.

3. DJ Mo and Size 8

Famous DJ Mo and an artist Size 8 have been married for couple of years now. Within these period, the couple have tried maintaining their fame, but at times it gets hard. Sometime last year, the duo decided to prank Kenyans in order to increase the viewership on their show which was airing on NTV (The Muraya’s). However, joke fell on them.

The Muraya’s arranged a prank and decided to air it on their show. Kenyans without knowing that it was all a prank, they tried to dig deep into the matter and through Edgar Obare’s Instagram stories, a certain lady reveled that she is DJ Mo’s ‘side chic’ and has been for sometime now. She sent their pictures together and even nude pictures of DJ Mo. In the process of pranking Kenyans, the celebrities ended up being exposed.

This influenced the duo, their dirty linen were aired in the public. It further made DJ Mo to lose his job. He was working as a DJ on Crossover show at NTV.