Prostitution is a kind of work which receives all kind of negative energy. People often judge sex workers and in the result they receive some harsh kind of treatment. On their line of duty, these group of people more often get harassed, they get infected with sexually transmitted diseases and their clients even fail to pay them.

On a case reported by a local media, a sex worker in Mombasa narrated how she was forced to clean a dead body, wife to her client.

As narrated by Jane (not her real name) it was a working day just like any other when a client approached her and paid ksh 5000. She was happy thinking how good that day was only to be shocked with the kind of duty she was assigned.

Jane said he was told to clean a corpse, when she refused, her client threaten to shoot her as he had a gun. The client said the dead woman is his wife who he loved so much.

“We went to his house in Nyali and instead of having sex, he gave me a dead body to clean up. He told me that the body was that of his wife that he loved. He said he usually pays someone to clean her and apply make up. When I refused he beat me up and pointed a gun at me, insisting that he had already paid me” She narrated.