The coronavirus pandemic has created a never seen before tough times for citizens within the country and the world at large.

When the virus hit the country in early March last year, Kenyans were still not aware of what was waiting for them.

In fact, at the onset, most people thought the virus was not affecting Africans since its spread was relatively slow.

One year down the line the storyline is a different one; jobs have been lost, zero employment opportunities, poverty, and deaths have been the order of the day.

President Uhuru Kenyatta decided to put counties on lockdown with dawn to a dusk curfew for everybody.

Since the president gave that statement a week ago, there has been public outcry on how such a decision was arrived at while people were equally suffering and starved.

Most artists and politicians have called on the head of state to please reconsider his decision and open the country and the economy just like our neighbors Tanzania.

Today, Kenyans were surprised as a renowned comedian who used to work at Churchill show was evicted from his house over rent areas.

In a video that was shared by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, comedian Akuku Danger is seen carrying his mattress and his belonging from the house.

BREAKING: Churchill comedian evicted from his house by the rogue landlord over rent arrears. This is the scenario facing all Kenyans in the hospitality, entertainment, events industries. Uhuru needs to shove that BBI down his throat. #UnlockOurCountrypic.twitter.com/OBU5VVOqlM
— Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@CisNyakundi) April 1, 2021
The case of Akuku is just one of the many cases of brokenness that very many artists are facing during this time when most entertainment joints are closed.

Netizens wished him a breakthrough with others will to donate something for his upkeep.

sourced from Nairobi Times