Celebrations are still on going for Wiper Candidate Agnes Kavindu as she won over Urbanus Ngengele. While Wiper is on a celebratory mood, UDA is smarting from losing election with a margin of almost 100k votes.

The celebrations and consolations spilled to Twitter were two popular senators had a spat. The two senators are among the youngest in the parliament and are well remembered for uniting to oppose Revenue Allocation Formula Bill.

It all started when Kericho Senator said UDA had been raiding other people’s bedroom since 2020. This was in reference to UDA’s fronting candidates in what is considered strongholds of other rival politicians. “Sometimes we just make out. Sometimes we go all the way. Both have a good feel…” the senator wrote.

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr who is still giddy from Wiper’s convincing victory in Machakos quickly responded. He told Aaron before getting in mood of poetry first his party must concede defeat. Mutula wondered why Aaron did not take time to congratulate Agnes Kavindu.

Aaron was not yet ready to congratulate Kavindu. According to him, Wiper had all the odds stacked on their favour and no need to brag about a win. “Ha ha…Congratulations on defending home territory,” he wondered.

Mutula decided to mock UDA’s participation in Machakos. According to him it was ironical how the whole saga played out. UDA chairman Johnstone Muthama fronted Urbanus Muthama Ngengele to vie against his ex wife Agnes Kavindu Muthama. Read the full banter here.