Suicidal thoughts are often associated with those who are struggling in the financial context. But how do you explain an artist of Diamond Platnumz caliber, with the fame and money contemplating suicide?

Inarguably one of the biggest artists in Africa has detailed how on the outside, he was successful and looked happy yet he nursed a lot of emotional trauma.

The singer says he was going through hard times and wanted to take his life through poison.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, he said;

“I have gone through many things that made me want to take poison. I was talking to someone while narrating my story and then I figured, if I take the poison, then people will still talk, then I decided to face the challenge.”

Adding that he is not a fighter but a lover of peace.

“I do not like fights, I don’t like grudges with people. at the time, something really hurt me. you know, I like living peacefully with people. That’s why my WCB team, I live with them like family.”

By Jalang’o TV