KPLC has set an outage tomorrow which is expected to affect several parts of the country. The Kenya Power issues the electricity outage on their website and on the Kenya Power Care social media accounts. 

In Kenya, power is produced by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company and then sells the power to Kenya Power and Lighting Company. KPLC is generally responsible for the connectivity of power in Kenya. KPLC is also responsible for the the billing of electricity as well as metering of power. Government now wants to review contracts between the KPLC and KenGen. There are other power producing companies known as IPP. The government is now aiming at taming high costs of electricity in the country.

In the current digital world, the internet as well as the mobile phones have made everything easy. The hustle of getting bills paid, including electricity bills, have been made very easy. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has also not been left behind since they have also come up with digital platforms which will help in keeping track as well as paying the electricity bills. 

As a Kenya Power customer, one can manage to check the power bills through the Short Message Services (SMS). To do this, you will just create a new SMS and send to the KPLC via 95551. In the message, you will enter first part of the account No. as a message. For example for the account 676839-02, you will enter 676839 as the message. After sending the SMS, Kenya Power sends a confirmation. The KPLC’s E-bill system sends your power account details. This SMS usually charge Shs 5.

It is also possible to confirm the electricity bills using a USSD code. This allows you to have access to a very wide range of Kenya Power pre-paid services. Some of these services include checking token refill, buying tokens etc. To achieve this, dial *977#.

In addition to this, you can also check the energy bills through an E-mail. In this case, you are supposed to send a blank electronic mail to the following KPLC address; You will only enter the first part of the Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s account number as the subject in your email. KPLC then automatically sends a reply. Other ways to get power bill information is via the Kenya Power Self Services.

Having learnt the above, it is important to note that there are many areas that are set to face a long electricity interruption on Tuesday, 16th of March 2021 as illustrated below:

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