A remandee at Chuka Police Station is reported to have stabbed 9 other inmates while in custody.

The remandee was arrested on Tuesday, February 23, at midnight during a police patrol
and taken to Chuka Police Station.

Police said that the suspect was brought into the station, and was frisked before being confined in the  cell with other inmates. 

According to the police officer on duty, the suspect stabbed some of the inmates on the chest while others had injuries on their hands. 

Chuka police station officers are still investigating the weapon allegedly used by the suspect and how it weapon got into the cell.

The nine inmates were rushed to the hospital where 8 were treated and discharged while one of them is still in hospital nursing injuries. 

The suspect was to be charged for breaking curfew orders after he was found loitering past 10p.m. 

The police, however, declined to release the name of the suspect since the matter is still under investigation.

Cases inmates attacking each other in police cells  have not been common compared to incidences of assault in Kenyan prisons. The disparity is often associated with the cell capacity where suspects do not spend long compared to when they are taken in prison.

Government reports on prison assault indicated that cases of assault are more rampant in maximum security prison like Kamiti. 

That is because about 50 percent of Kenya’s prisoners are pre-trial detainees or those held on remand as they await trial. 

Sourced from Kenyans.co.ke