Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka are set to get extra pension allocation from the National Treasury.

The two former government officials are set to be allocated Ksh200 million from the Ksh785 million set aside for retired senior government officers. The state has awarded the two an annual pension of Ksh25 million annually which translates to Ksh2.08 million a month.

These adjustments will be on top of the Ksh594 million that they were awarded in the current financial year.

The move behind raising the money awarded to the two is to fund their cost of operations including touring the country to market BBI.

According to supplementary estimates that are before parliament, Raila and Kalonzo will receive more benefits than they did before even as some government agencies and departments had their budget slashed.

If the MPs approve the estimates, Raila will be allocated Ksh75,000 for printing, advertising and information supplies. The ODM leader will also get Ksh10 million for rent, Ksh4.1 million for hospitality, Ksh1.5 million for routine maintance and Ksh125,000 for training expenses.

Raila’s budget for fuel has been increased by Ksh1 million. This figure has increased to Ksh2.5 million from Ksh1.5 million which is the amount that was allocated in the current financial year.

Musyoka will receive Ksh10 million for rent, Ksh150,000 for training exercises, Ksh5.5 million for hospitality and Ksh1.5 million for office supplies. The fuel budget for the former vice president has been increased by Ksh1 million and this will see him get Ksh2.5 million.

William Ruto’s, Deputy President, office is however set to lose Ksh1.4 million which was initially part of furniture, equipment allocation and his press team.

State House is set to receive Ksh561 million while the offices of the First Lady and Deputy First Lady will face a financial cut of Ksh1.4 million each.

An additional total of Ksh122.4 million has been proposed to cater for pension and benefits of retiring State House staff.