President Uhuru Kenyatta has finally opened up on who has been stealing the government’s money. This revelation has heightened political temperatures in some political divides with many people reacting by supporting the President’s remarks. He is in Sagana, Nyeri County together with around 5,000 leaders comprising of Members of County Assemblies and other leaders from the Mount Kenya region.

Today marks the second day out of the four days since the meeting commenced as the president is rallying politicians from his backyard to support the Building Bridges Initiative and eventually the 2022 presidential candidate.

While giving a speech to the leaders present, the president let out some truth as to the ongoing debate of who has been stealing the government’s funds and resources.

During the consultative meeting and succession politics of the country’s future leadership, the President said that he wants to come clean and speak what he has been harboring in his heart for long. He openly stated that the thief has been stealing people’s taxes then handing over to them in form of assistance to blindfold gullible Kenyans.

“Today I want to talk honestly and be very honest from the bottom of my heart about the Mount Kenya region. The government’s money which is your money is being stolen from you then brought back to you under the pretext of assistance. The most alarming thing is that you don’t question why or how the money was acquired. I am in the government and I know what am saying. Even my good brother Raila Odinga knows what am saying and that is what he has been trying to tell you Kenyans but you think he is mad. Don’t you people think?” President Uhuru said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also gave his word to his fellow Mt. Kenya leaders that he will still be in politics even after the looming 2022 general elections. He promised to continue serving the country and making sure that integrity is upheld. He added that he will still be the kingpin of the region if the people want him to.

“We must be sincere that to ourselves that if you are elected, you ought to do as per the expectations of Kenyans and your leaders and not just politicking. I will also be active in politics in ensuring fairness and equality even after my term comes to an end,” Uhuru said.

The President urged the Mt. Kenya MCAs to give their full support to the Building Bridges Initiative Bill for it is where their future lies. He also told that it is okay to accept the handouts but keep their focus on making sure that the BBI passes unopposed after being popularized across the country, especially his backyard.

Source: KenyaToday