Police in Siaya County have launched a manhunt on Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi for allegedly beating up a local chief  to near death. 

According to South East Alego Chief, Joseph Ogutu Onjala, Atandi and his bodyguards stormed his house on Wednesday night, January 20, and assaulted him and left him unconscious. The chief is nursing injuries at a private hospital in Siaya Town.

Onjala claimed that the MP had accused him of hiring locals to disrupt a ceremony in which the legislator had presided over.

Earlier on Wednesday, the fiery politician had commissioned renovations of classrooms at Unna Primary school, Siaya County.

After word got around of the assault incident, angry locals pursued their MP which prompted him to seek refuge at Nyangoma police station.

While at the station, he recorded a statement alleging that his function had been disrupted by rowdy youth who wanted to harm him.

However, reports didn’t indicate how the MP eventually managed to leave the police station.

The reports were confirmed by Siaya County Commissioner Michael ole Tialal who noted that Chief Onjala’s assistant had also gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

“We do not where he (Atandi) is, but once we apprehend him, we shall subject him to investigations and subsequent legal action,” Tialal stated. 

This is not the first time the legislator is on the spot for an alleged assault case.  In January 2019, reports indicated that he had allegedly assaulted a government officer.

Accompanied by a few men, Atandi reportedly stormed the County Director of Education’s office seeking the Director’s contact.

The officer present declined to give him the contact which prompted him to slap her on the face. The MP, who spoke to several media houses, disputed the claims citing that the allegations were been propagated by his political rivals.