A female university student has been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of her mother, Benedina Nabwangu, in Kakamega County.

According to police reports, the mother was found lying in a pool of blood on Wednesday morning, January 13. The body reportedly had stab wounds in the head.

County Commander Hassan Barua noted that the daughter along with her step brother, fled from the house on the night of Tuesday, January 12, but did not report the incident to the police.

“We have some leads, with two people already in custody. The suspects could be charged with murder once investigations are completed,” Barua stated.

Witnesses who spoke to the police stated that they had seen the daughter and her step brother in the house on Tuesday night, before the body was recovered the following morning.

The body was reportedly discovered by a herds-boy who had gone to the house to tend to the farm. He noted that the door of the house was open when he found the body. 

Upon interrogation by police and area chief Donald Khabuchi, the daughter alleged that they had been attacked on Tuesday night and this prompted both her and her step brother to flee.

However, the chief noted that the daughter’s version raised more questions than answers.

“She claims they were attacked on Tuesday night at 11 pm. She kept changing telephone numbers and the signal was traced to Sachangwan. We persuaded her to return home leading to her arrest,” Khabuchi noted.