It is now clear that the divorce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto is on. Speaking on Monday morning in Vernacular radio station President Uhuru Kenyatta insisted on the unity of Kikuyus and went ahead to ask them to move together without factions and together they will walk far. This is after Deputy President William Ruto growing popularity in Mt. Kenya.

In the course of the interview, President Uhuru Kenyatta asked his people to support the Building Bridges Initiative after a letter from Muranga Senator Irungu Kang’ ata claimed that it is only 20% of the people who are in support of the initiative. It was then followed by a research company TIFA which come with another shocking revelation that 29% of Kenyans throughout the country are in support of tr initiative.

The growing popularity of William Ruto in the Mount Kenya Region is giving Uhuru Kenyatta sleepless nights and today he went ahead to attack his DP. According to him the same people who have been asking Kenyans not to vote for the BBI are the Same people who have been stealing public coffers through projects. He went ahead to rubbish claims that the referendum will be costly.

This attack government official stealing billions through government projects have been linked with the Deputy President and today President Uhuru Kenyatta could not Keep silent.

This could be the main reason why the two have been having political differences and the way it seems he will not be supporting his Deputy President in his 2022 Presidential ambitions.

” Mwengine anachocha Mt Kenya Wapinge BBI na ameiba mabilioni kupitia government projects which we will recover soon” President Uhuru.

Source: The Hustler news