A military officer was on Saturday arrested in Busia after a botched attempt to blow up his ex-wife and in-laws following a disagreement over the custody of their children. 

DCI detectives said the Kenya Defence Force (KDF) officer was arrested at the home of his in-laws in Marachi Central after a smoke grenade he tried to detonate failed to explode.

“A KDF officer is in custody after his attempt to detonate a smoke grenade at the home of his ex-wife in Busia’s Marachi Central area backfired,” DCI said.

The officer is reported to have resorted to a grenade attack after his with and in-laws declined to allow him to take the children.

Scared locals reported the matter to detectives who rushed to the scene and effected the arrest.

“Scared neighbours who witnessed the incident informed our detectives who responded swiftly and effected his arrest,” said DCI.

Detectives are however still at the scene searching for the disposed grenade.

The military man reportedly collected the grenade and hurriedly disposed of it in a nearby stream.

The officer will be arraigned once investigations are completed.

Source: The Standard.