After Jowie Irungu almost ruined Jacque Maribe back in 2018 following the murder of Monica; a well known business woman, the two lovers broke up then and there!

Judging from the stories widely shared on social media, many claim that Jacque Maribe found herself – at the wrong place at a wrong time. Others however feel that could be more to Jacque – than meets the eye; but hey, isn’t the case still in court, so who are we to judge?

Away from that – now that Jacque Maribe has been single for almost 2 years; word on the streets is that she could actually be in a serious relationship.

This is after sharing a photo with a mug written Mrs K. I mean who is K? Could he be the husband or boyfriend? How serious could it be?

I’m sure these are some of the questions fans want her to answer; but looking at her latest post, it appears that they will have to wait longer.
Maribe who must be enjoying the show and phone calls from close friends has finally addressed or rather given a reason to keep digging. Through her gram she went on to address this saying;

“I have never received so many calls and texts any January of my life 🤣🤣🤣 because of a mug written Mrs. K. Hahaha aki I now believe udaku haipendi uvivu. Still taken, hehehe 🥰”