ODM Deputy Party Leader Ali Hassan Joho has revealed his game plan following the party’s loss in the hotly contested Msambweni by-election after Feisal Bader beat his party’s candidate Omar Boga.

The Mombasa Governor spoke with Citizen TV anchor Rashid Abdalla on a show set to be aired on Saturday night, December 26. He noted that he was planning on using the loss as his political rebirth and that he would come back stronger after re-strategising. 

Joho, famously known as Sultan 001 (Sultan for King and 001 County Code for Mombasa), argued that he was insulted by opponents who claimed that he had suffered a political blow. 

“Many people thought it was the end. They should be well prepared as I aiming at the top.

“I was labelled the Sultan with no crown and I am warning all my opponents that I will be back,” he said, with his thinly veiled attack seemingly targeting Deputy President William Ruto and Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya who led campaigns for Feisal. 

The Msambweni by-election was seen as a test of popularity for Mvurya and Joho in their bid for National Politics with both of them in their final terms as Governors.

Joho is widely expected to join national politics after his second term as governor ends in 2022. 

The Coastal politician is regarded by a number of analysts as a regional kingpin whose decisions may shape politics in the region.

He has constantly reiterated that he may run for Presidency in 2022. 

“My supporters know me. When I decide to go for something I mean it. I cannot lose hope. I have assessed myself and come to conclude I can be the President of this country.

“We (at the Coast) have been complaining of being marginalised for far too long. That narrative will disappear when we get power,” he said in 2018. 

With the Building Bridges Initiative creating several positions in the Executive, he may also be part of the government in 2022 in other capacities.

The former Kisauni MP may assume the role of a Deputy President, Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister.