In a revelation that has left fans speculating why Diamond’s relationship never seem to work, his ex girlfriend has revealed that they had a blood covenant.

Actress Wema Sepetu has revealed that she went into a blood covenant with Diamond when they were dating.

The Tanzanian actress revealed this during an interview on relationship matters with Tanzania gossip show, Chumba Cha Umbea.

“Diamond is a man that worships love. He was like my baby, I mean totally like my own,” Wema Sepetu said.

She went ahead to discuss about the blood covenant.

“We took an oath that involved blood. We pricked each other’s finger then attached both our wounds to exchange blood.

We confessed that we are now one and we’ll protect each other. Then he licked his finger and I did mine,” she said.

Wema Sepetu said that she was not sure if that’s the reason neither of them seems to settle in love elsewhere.