Nadia Mukami recently admitted that she might not date again, given the heartbreak that she went through.

This happened on an interview with the “Mseto East Africa.

On the interview, the songbird who said ‘no’ to dating after a man asked her to pay the bill just few years back, clarified that it might take Jesus and the angels for anyone to convince her otherwise.

“I’m not just ready to date again. I have already been hurt. Yes, I moved on but I haven’t healed,” the pop star revealed.

Well, it looks like the artist changed her mind after all. On her birthday Nadia opened the stage for those looking to convince her of another trial at love.

On her social media platform Nadia wrote:

“23 was the best year for me; Made hits and made a little bit of 💰24 please be kind and grant me more💰happiness, Hits,” she prayed.

“…and find me a good husband😘🙏Am ready for marriage😔HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME❤”

This post reminded us of Nadia’s hope of getting married after she finds a place in the music industry. Which has been going well with no doubt.

The African Pop Star needed to keep her promise to her father; that she will not embarrass him like her female relatives who had to bear children while still young.

A promise she has managed to keep and probably has got her thinking that a trial at marriage would harm no one, for the far she has come.