Tanzanian member of parliament for Kilwa south, Selemani Bungara who is popularly known for the phrase ‘uliskia wapi’ has unfortunately lost the parliamentary seat in the just concluded Tanzania’s general elections.

The popular politician lost to Ali Kasinge of Chama cha Mapinduzi(CCM). Bungara was vying on an Alliance for Change and Transparency  (ACT) party.

Bungara who was vying for the third time lost with 22,521 against Bungara’s 10,096 votes.

He is also a former district commissioner for Wanging’ombe in Njombe region, He was first elected to represent Kilwa south constituency in 2005.

Bungara who is now known internationally, made some remarks during a press conference mentioning “Uliskia wapi” in a very funny way.

Kenyan’s meme lords were not left behind, they popularized the phrase. It was even printed on items.

On the video, the Member of Parliament was responding to the allegations that he had joined a Tanzania’s president Chama cha Mapinduzi(CCM) party.

“We ulisikia wapi!? We ulisikia wapi!? Mheshimiwa ulisikia wapi!? Niliingia katika Chama Cha ACT nataka muelewe hivo,” Bungara said then animatedly

On Wednesday the election day, Kenyans who are Bungara’s fan went a head and wished him good luck on the election. Unfortunately he did not win.

The Member of Parliament will forever be remembered for his famous quote; ‘uliskia wapi?’ Especially in Kenya.