Best loan apps in Kenya

Mobile lending has completely transformed the banking industry in Kenya. It can be arguably termed as the most innovative idea of the 21st century in Kenya. Less than two decades ago, if you wanted a loan you would be forced to visit nearby bank.

This was a long process because of the following factors;

  1. We had few banks in Kenya. Someone would have to travel for long distance especially if he was in upcountry. This was a huge disadvantage because the loan might be urgent.
  2. The process of getting a loan was complicated. Availing yourself at the bank didn’t automatically qualify you to get a loan. There was a lot of requirements before banks would loan you any money. You would need a payslip, guarantors and account opening. Most Kenyans would not afford to meet those conditions.
  3. Banks charged high interest rates. Most mobile lenders charge fair interest rates hence prefered by lenders.
  4. Finally, banks did not process loans for small amounts. With mobile lenders you can borrow as little as 100 shillings.

The best mobile lenders in Kenya 2020 are:


Mshwari is a mobile lending facility provided by Safaricom in conjunction with NCBA bank.

It’s the most popular in Kenya. It’s available to all Safaricom subscribers though credit limit is depended on credit history.

The minimum you can borrow from Mshwari is 100 shillings. They charge interest rates of 7.5%.


Just like Mshwari, KCB Mpesa is only provided to Safaricom subscribers. It’s available to everyone who owns a Safaricom line.

It’s provided by Safaricom in conjunction with KCB Bank. Through KCB Mpesa you can borrow as little as 100 shillings and they charge affordable rates.


Timiza was the first loan app to be exclusively offered by a bank.

You can borrow on Timiza by dialing *848# or alternatively you can download the Timiza App from Google PlayStore.

Timiza provides a plethora of services like loans, fund transfers and insurance purchase.


Tala is a popular mobile lender among Kenyans. You can borrow from Tala by downloading the app from Google PlayStore.

You can pay their loans partially or in wholesome. Tala paybill number is 851900


Branch works similarly as Tala. You can download the app from PlayStore.

The maximum amount you can borrow from Branch is 70,000 shillings.