What if instead of giving in to your pregnancy cravings he decides to dump you? Maybe you ask for a bar of mint chocolate at the middle of the night. Your husband says, ‘Sure love’ but then he never comes back.

That might not be exactly what played out between the two love birds but Maureen Waititu must be grinning wherever she is. It seems Frankie and Kwamboka’s relationship is hitting the rocks. A few weeks after revealing to the world that they are an item and they were expecting, the couple have unfollowed each other on social media as well as deleting pictures of each other.
Corazon Kwamboka gave an hint of their breakup when she said that Karma had come too soon.

Many people guessed it was a way of saying she was losing what hadn’t been hers in the first place. Fans criticized Kwamboka for moving in too soon after the alleged break-up between Frankie and Maureen Waititu.

When criticism flowed freely from fans, Kwamboka went on a face saving mission. She claimed that they had decided to make their life private going onwards.

Many people would not understand how someone who made a living being on the limelight would decide to go off grid. Considering she’s on her third trimester, Challyh News urges fans to give Kwamboka easy time. She will follow Frankie back when the time is right.